Networking Events

Multicultural Dance Battle

Opening Act – Multicultural Dance Battle

Kick off the 2021 International Conference with a multicultural dance battle featuring the four cultures of Singapore. This fusion-filled performance will highlight the impressive cultural dance moves of the country’s Malay, Chinese, India, and Eurasian communities.


Tour of Singapore

Explore Street of Harmony at Waterloo

Waterloo Street is a microcosm of Singapore’s social fabric. Discover how Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) created self-sustaining communities and how magic ‘ingredients’ contribute to such harmony. Guides will reveal the uniquely Singaporean customs, cultures, and norms that build our street of harmony. Enrich your learning experience with precious nuggets of information, vibrant cultural gems, and priceless access to Singapore’s colorful, multicultural lifestyles.

Local Coffee

From Beans to Kopi (Local Coffee)

Take a tour of a coffee roasting factory, where you will not only learn the difference between local kopi and Starbucks, but also understand the coffee beans, their origins, roasting and brewing secrets, and more importantly, the Natives or heroes that are behind this factory. 

You will then see a traditional coffee master in action, so you can learn about the signature Kaya Toast that is always paired with a nice cup of Nanyang Kopi brew. 

Each tour experience will have a max of 300 attendees. Log in Links will be found in the virtual International Conference event platform under the networking tab.